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Thursday, April 3, 2008 8:58 PM

Wah!! I just had this urge to posting another blog. Alot of things happened in a short time. And moreover, alot of things have to be completed in a short time. To tell the truth, because of all that stuff, I slept only 2 hours per day. Cool eh? Got Total Defence homework, International Understanding Day, South Zone Millenium Race and most importantly, NCC!! So this is how it goes...

I spent the whole night up to do the Total Defence homework. Rmb that only part Bs need to do it, so part As have nothing to worry about. I did what was worth 50 points, so that Miss Goh wouldn't be disappointed as it was suppose to be handed in at a earlier time. What I didn't like was that I had to photocopy afew of them for my friends because they didn't do. Lazy bums.

On tuesday, I went with Afiqah all the way to Dhogby Ghaut to buy the tartan for the kilts. The kilts were for the IU day. We couldn't find the real ones and they were also too expensive. So we bought the cloth, but actually, we overwent the budget but we used our own money to pay for the extra needed. Please do not tell Miss Tan or Yan Yee. But it is also quite irritating as I need to sew the cloth into a kilt on my own. It was so hard to sew with Jerald disturbing me and a time limit. It may seem easy to sew it, but it is way harder. Lets hope it fits them.

Moving on.

South Zone Millenium Race. We won something!! Me and Afiqah have been doing this project for a long time. But alot of times, it failed to turn into a car. Then, at the last few weeks, we rushed through as Mr Lam and Mr Dean helped us form a car. It was so fun! Also, at St Andrews, I met Brian(the tall one) but I didn't see Leona. *Sniff* Then he still kept calling me Rita Rivolta. Haha. So do you know what we won? We won 2nd prize for motorised cars. Yay! But unfortunately, Li Ting and Ei Lyn won the 1st. And we won 5th for overall of everything! Let's sing a song to celebrate!! The only sad thing is that Andrew's car was disqualified because of the car's chassis. Pissed me off to hell. Because of that, he didn't return to school for the rest of NCC.
After the race, I took 147 to Serangoon and ran back to school for NCC. Luckily, there was still abit more of NCC before it ended and Mdm added me as present. That means that I won't lose my CCA points. Yay!! And that day, sec 1s got their uniform. Except that some of them have to wear no.4 to the ceremony than no.3, which is not allowed but we have no choice. Now let's have some fun with the sec 1s. And that Andre is so funny! He called me and said, "Rytha, I love you!!"Diao. And then he also said that I was hot, Haha. He is really cute!! No doubt about it! But to satisfy me is to be a good cadet of mine. That will be all I want to see from the sec 1s when I am going to get fierce and back to my real self. This is my first warning for sec 1 cadets. Oh, and next week, I will also be late for NCC because of the International Understanding Day. And good luck for the confirmation ceremony for the sec 1s, make sure you don't screw up, ok?

That's all for today. I'm bored, and I will be working painfully making the kilt until tomorrow, where I will go to school to help out in the meet the parent seesion for sec 1s and sec 3s. Then over there, I will help inspect the sec 1s' clothes. Just in case. Good luck to all sec 1 NCC cadets.

P.S. I am still looking for someone who can help me make a tagboard.

We love Sec 1 NCC cadets!!!


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